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One Way Rentals in New Zealand

Find the lowest price on your rental is simple. Enter your pickup and return locations in the fields above and we’ll compare several New Zealand providers for you. Drive from Auckland to Christchurch or the other way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Distance from Auckland to Christchurch

How far is it to drive from Auckland to Christchurch?

It’s a looong, trip – about 1100 kms if you take the shortest route via Taupo, Wellington and then the East Coast of the South Island. Altogether it’s usually 15 or 16 hours of driving time alone, but can take more depending on road conditions. Split the trip up into at least two days, plan for breaks and book the Wellington to Picton ferry in advance.

Picton Ferry

Do I take the car onto the ferry from the North to South Island?

Usually – no. Most rental companies will require you to leave the car in Wellington, board the ferry and pick up another car in Picton on the South Island (or the other way if you’re travelling from South to North). Remember that arranging ferry tickets for the crossing is your responsibility and you’ll have to do it in advance.

Read our guide to renting cars in New Zealand for more helpful information and tips.